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Oh how i love you;; &in the evening, when we are sleeping. <3

Taper Jean Girl
5 May
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, 'fro hair, .com, 12:51, 22-20s, acoustic guitar, aha shake heartbreak, albert hammond jr, albert's white suit, albert/fab, alex kapranos, ashley olsen, babyshambles, barely legal, bass players, be your own pet, blazers, bloc party, brandon flowers, bright eyes, brmc, caleb followill, carl barat, carlos d, coked up drummers, conor mcknickerless, conor oberst, converse, craig nicholls, craig/ryan, craigophiles, daron malakian, dave grohl, diet coke, domino records, drainpipe jeans, drew barrymore, drinking, drunk singers, fab moretti, foo fighters, franz ferdinand, futureheads, garage rock, gemma atkins, get free, gigs, girls with guitars, gordon raphael, guerilla gigs, guided by voices, hard to explain, indie, indie rock, is this it, jack white, jared followill, jimmy eat world, josh homme, julian casablancas, juliet casablancas, kaiser chiefs, karen o, kimya dawson, king of the rodeo, kings of leon, kurt cobain, lou reed, mary jane, mary kate olsen, matt romano, matthew followill, meg white, messy hair, mr brightside, my guitar, nacho, nardwuar, nathan followill, new york city, nick valensi, nick valensi's hair, nick valensi's skinny ass, nick valensi's vagina, nick/jules, niko, nikolai fraiture, nirvana, nme, oasis, patrick wolf, pete doherty, placebo, polos, pretty boy guitarists, regina spektor, reptilia, ripped jeans, rock and roll, room on fire, rough trade records, ryan gentles, shirt & tie, slow night so long, something corporate, somewhere else, strokes love, system of a down, tabs, taking back sunday, the beatles, the bravery, the cars, the dears, the hives, the killers, the modern age ep, the others, the strokes, the thrills, the velvet underground, the vines, the white stripes, the yeah yeah yeahs, tom meighan, trying your luck, vintage, wiz kid management, yeah yeah yeahs, yeti,